3-in-1 Apple MagSafe Wireless Charging Dock Station (Lightning Bolt)

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[NEW] Trendgo's 3-in-1 Apple MagSafe Wireless Charging Dock Station (Lightning Bolt Version) is the perfect charging solution for your smartphone, watch & earphone.

INNOVATIVE 3in1 design keeps all devices together
FAST Charging keeps all devices ready to go
 Premium design fits perfectly in any space
CASE Compatible with official MagSafe case

[1] Phone Compatibility (MagSafe charging)
- Apple iPhone 12 and above
- Apple iPhone 11 MUST be with a MagSafe compatible case (we sell MagSafe case)

[2] Watch Compatibility
Apple Watch 2 and above

[3] Earphone Compatibility
Apple AirPods 2, 3, Pro with wireless charging case

[*] 7 Adjustable Light Modes
1. On with 5 seconds of lights
2. Fast flowing colourful lights

3. Slow flowing colourful lights
4. Light cycles of blue/purple/red/yellow/green
5. Night white light
6. All light combinations
7. Off

Product Details

- Weight: 330g
- Size: 100(L) x 100(W) x 196(H) mm
- Output: 15W Mobile 3W Earphone 3W Watch
Input: 9V/3A
- Package: 1*Charger, 1*USB charger cable (0.7m)

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